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Advanced Materials Research Volumes Main Theme:. Edited by:. Zhongning Guo. Online since:.

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August Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: To develop osmotic granule with semi-permeable membranes, we prepared the semipermeable membranes with different pore forming agent by using solvent casting method. The produced membranes were white and elastic and exhibited soft property on touch.

The formation of pore in membrane was observed by morphological SEM image after dissolution. The pore formation and porosity of membrane depended on water solubility of pore forming agent. We confirmed that pores in porous semi-permeable membrane could be controlled by the pore forming agent.

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Read the latest chapters of Modelling of Mechanical Systems at ScienceDirect.​com, Elsevier's Interaction. Edited by François Axisa, Jose Antunes. Volume 3,​. Written by an eminent authority in the field, Modelling of Mechanical Systems: Fluid-Structure Interaction is the third in a series of four self-contained volumes.

Abstract: The amplitudes of miniaturized electromagnetic actuators are clearly enhanced if the eigenfrequencies of the membrane are used for actuation. However, the bandwidth for such operation is very limited. This can be overcome to some extent by the employment of membranes with electrically tunable stiffness. In this context we investigated membranes of dielectric elastomer materials and present experimental results on the ability to change their pre-strain to shift the eigenmodes to lower frequencies upon activation.

Furthermore, the viscoelastic properties of an acrylic and a silicone membrane are investigated and compared to dynamic experiments. The parameters for the stiffness and viscoelasticity are derived from the experimental creep data and incorporated in a hyperelastic material model.

Using this adapted stress-strain relationship the membrane behavior over time can be evaluated for different loading as well as pre-strain conditions. Abstract: In the recent years membrane technology has gained significant attention from polymer chemists all around the world due to their attractive features such as efficiency, low costs, low energy costs and as effective solutions to longstanding problems in the chemical industries.

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Membrane technologies have been widely applied in the separation of liquids and even gases. Many separation problems can be solved economically by nanofiltration alone or in combination with other separation processes. This study aimed to synthesize polysulfone based nanofiltration membranes using DIPS diffusion induced phase separation technique.

Newly synthesized polymer membranes were subjected to Infra red spectral and water uptake studies. Membranes were also characterized using electrochemical spectroscopy for their proton conducting property.

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Related articles 0. A direct numerical simulation based on the three-dimensional finite element method for fluid-structure interaction FSI analyzes the behaviors of the model wing, the surrounding air, and their interaction, where the dynamic similarity law for the FSI is used to incorporate actual insect data, and the parallel computation algorithm is used to perform the systematic parametric study. Physical Description p. Dissipation induced by viscosity of the fluid 7. Explore now.

Their surface morphology is visualized by SEM. Authors: K. Senthil Kumar, Saral Saha, P. Pradhan, Subir Kumar Sarkar. Abstract: Micro Electro Mechanical Systems MEMS based Ultrasonic Transducers presents several advantages for some applications such as ease of array fabrication, unique thermal manipulation capabilities. Micromachining allows us to miniaturize device dimensions and produce capacitive transducers whose performance is comparable with their piezoelectric counterpart.

Computer simulation has been widely used for MEMS based system. The main advantage of computer simulation is to provide design optimization by varying geometry, layer dimension and materials of the device without actual fabrication. This systematic approach can save time and cost of device fabrication and experimentation.

The solver is used to analyze the electrical current flow, voltage and heat and stress distribution in the device. The result is used to predict the temperature and stress as a function of the applied voltage across heating layer. The displacement results are used in the mechanical analysis to predict the mechanical behaviour of the CMUT. Here two different types of dielectric materials Si 3 N 4 and Zr0 2 are used.

The optimization is performed mainly based on resonant frequency and collapse voltage. Then we use this model as a gas detector Sensor to detect gas like Methane.

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Abstract: A mathematical model for facilitated transport in asymmetric membranes with fixed site carriers was derived by assuming concentration fluctuation and an analogy between electron transport in resistor-capacitor circuit and mass transport in an asymmetric membrane of facilitated transport. In order to examine the validity of the model, bovine serum albumin fixed membranes were fabricated and experiment of facilitated transport of bilirubin was carried out in diffusion cell.

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De Lorenzis Abstract. Khalloufi Abstract. Cerroni, F. Radu and P. Zunino Abstract. Badia, J. Hampton and J.

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Principe Abstract. Verdugo, A. Badia Abstract. Martorell, F. Verdugo and S. Modeling the Mechanics of 2D Materials M. Ruiz-Garcia Abstract. Carpio, B. Birnir and P. Vidal Abstract. Vega Abstract. Rubi, A.

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Arango-Restrepo and D. Barragan Abstract. Bonilla, F.

ANSYS Meshing for Fluid Structure Interaction

Garcia, J. Carrasco and E. Akhmatskaya Abstract. Xu and Y. Bai Abstract.

Modelling of Mechanical Systems: Fluid-Structure Interaction Francois Axisa Jose Antunes Elsevier

Chetverushkin Abstract. Vargas and R. Rieben Abstract. Maier, N. Emamy, A. Mehl Abstract. Peiret, F. Gonzalez, J. Kovecses and M. Teichmann Abstract. Chetverushkin, A.

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