My Friend Barack: A Brief Defense

Foreign policy of the Barack Obama administration
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'Becoming' Michelle Obama

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Which Groups Control Syria

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Thayer P. Nebraska 's delegation s to the th—th United States Congress ordered by seniority.

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“You're my friend. You're my advisor, and you deserve this position. I never had a doubt. Congratulations,” President Trump declared to the. So, a question: When did the token minority best friend defense first come in against Al Smith, a Catholic Democrat running for president.

Shirley Ann Jackson Jami Miscik United States of America. Meadows, of North Carolina, quickly sent social media into a frenzy when he pointed to Lynne Patton, a black Trump administration staffer, and said Patton never would tolerate working for a racist. Elijah Cummings, who is black and was chairing the hearing. Trump himself has trotted it out more than once. Harvey, who voted for Hillary Clinton, told media outlets in that he regretted meeting with the president at Trump Tower because of the backlash. In his research, Effron noted that former Bosnian leader Radovan Karadzic said he held no anti-Muslim prejudice because his former barber was Muslim.

In , Karadzic was convicted of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity for wartime atrocities including the massacre of 8, Muslim men. Tyler Parry, an associate professor of African American Studies at California State University in Fullerton, said using black people as political props is something that occurred as far back as the 19th century in debates about slavery. Obama was hardly anti-Israel. His Administration had provided the country with immense military and intelligence support. He had also protected Netanyahu in the United Nations Security Council, when, in , he issued his only veto, blocking a resolution condemning Jewish settlement building.

Ross made the point so often that, during one exchange in the Oval Office, Obama stopped him with a palm in front of his face: he had heard enough. Over time, Obama and his advisers came to believe that Netanyahu had been playing them, occasionally feigning interest in a two-state solution while expanding settlements in the West Bank, thus making the creation of a viable Palestinian state increasingly difficult to conceive. They were running a play, killing time, waiting out the Administration. The relationship between Obama and Netanyahu grew more poisonous every year.

The Administration became convinced that Netanyahu, after years of threatening to use force against Iran, was bluffing, that he was really trying to goad the Americans into taking a harder line and even launching strikes of their own. Not everyone close to Obama regretted the epithet. An era seemed to be ending. The Oslo Accords and subsequent negotiations had raised hopes among Palestinians that they would get a state comprising Gaza, the West Bank, and, as a capital, some part of East Jerusalem. But after years of settlement building, a second intifada, instability throughout the region, and the rise of absolutism on both sides, a paralyzing mistrust took hold.

Although around half of Israelis and Palestinians still want two states, neither side believes the other will move forward in good faith. Kerry spread out the maps on a large coffee table. The signs of a shifting political climate were clear.

Remarks by the Vice President at In Defense of Christians Solidarity Dinner

After the service, veterans of the negotiations gathered on the terrace of the King David Hotel, in Jerusalem, for an impromptu lunch. Martin Indyk, the former U. When Obama and the American delegation arrived back in the U. Later that day, Dermer went to another Hanukkah party, where he was far more welcome, just down Pennsylvania Avenue, at the Trump International Hotel.

The Israelis did have one lingering fear. They worried that, before Obama left office, his Administration would attempt to punish them at the U. Security Council. Israeli officials say that intelligence reports submitted to Netanyahu showed that Obama and his team were secretly orchestrating the U. It will force us into a confrontation. It will force us to reach out to the other side.

In recent years, the Kushners, Orthodox Jews who made their fortune in the real-estate business and hold conservative views on Israel, have donated large sums of money to Israeli causes and charities, including tens of thousands of dollars to a yeshiva in the Beit El settlement, in the West Bank.

Dermer, who grew up in a political family in Miami Beach and moved to Israel in , recalled accompanying Netanyahu to Trump Tower, in New York, in the early aughts for a meeting with Donald Trump. Dermer and Trump met again in , at an alumni dinner at the Wharton School of Business. Dermer, who had become Ambassador to the U. Dermer did not stint on flattery. Dermer and Kushner stayed in close touch throughout the campaign and the transition. These relationships paid off during the U.

After consulting with Netanyahu, Dermer called Kushner and told him that the Obama Administration was leading the efforts at the United Nations. This was an audacious move, particularly for a client state. He feared that a second, more far-reaching resolution setting out the parameters of a Palestinian state would soon reach the Security Council. The Israelis found the Trump circle easy to persuade. They had no government or diplomatic experience, and were eager to please their staunchly pro-Israel and pro-Likud base. Under pressure from Netanyahu and Trump, Egypt withdrew its sponsorship of the resolution, but four other Security Council members picked it up and pushed for a vote.

Donald Trump’s New World Order

They failed. Why are they trying to make our job harder on the way out? Flynn did know how to find one of them: Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador. Flynn and Kislyak had been in contact, including during the transition, and their communications later became a focus of the investigation undertaken by Robert Mueller, the special counsel, into Russian meddling in the election. The F. Instead of issuing a veto, Obama abstained. The settlements resolution passed, with support from the Russians. A second resolution never materialized. With Obama finally out of the way, Netanyahu could concentrate on getting the Trump team to embrace his grand strategy for transforming the direction of Middle Eastern politics.

His overarching ambition was to diminish the Palestinian cause as a focus of world attention and to form a coalition with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to combat Iran, which had long supported Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza and had taken strategic advantage of the American folly in Iraq and the war in Syria.

Trying to topple the Iranian regime seemed to Obama dangerously in line with previous adventures in the Middle East, in which dreams of democratic revolution backed by force ended in nightmare.