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Flying High with Asha and the Spirit Bird
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And remember, pilots are breathing the same air as everybody else on a plane. An aircraft fuselage does not contain separate compartments with different pressure values in each. The entire vessel is pressurized equally from the forward pressure bulkhead to the aft pressure bulkhead. This normally includes the cabin, cockpit, and lower-deck cargo holds. Not only that, but subjecting passengers to an oxygen deficiency — a condition known as hypoxia — would have some rather undesirable effects.

Although the symptoms of hypoxia can, at first, make a person feel giddy and relaxed, they also induce confusion, nausea, and migraine-strength headaches.

Using air bled from the compressor sections of the engines, it effectively squeezes the rarefied, high-altitude air back into sea level air or something reasonably close to it. While en route, the cabin is held at the equivalent of anywhere from around 5, to 8, feet above sea level, depending on the aircraft type and cruising altitude. Pressurizing all the way to sea level is unnecessary and would put undue stress on the airframe.

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I'm never alone in here. The first officer is known colloquially as the copilot. But a copilot is not an apprentice; he or she shares flying duties with the captain more or less equally. The captain is officially in charge, and earns a larger paycheck to accompany that responsibility, but both are capable of flying the plane. Copilots perform just as many takeoffs and landings as captains do — and both are part of the decision-making process. A copilot becomes a captain not by virtue of skill or experience, incidentally, but rather when his or her seniority standing allows it.

Airline seniority bidding is a complicated thing, but suffice it to say a pilot can often have a more comfortable quality of life — salary, aircraft assignment, schedule and choice of destinations — as a senior copilot than as a junior captain.

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The turbulence really wasn't that bad. During turbulence, for example, many people believe that an airplane is dropping hundreds of feet at a time, when in reality, even in relatively heavy turbulence, the displacement is seldom more than 20 feet or so — the slightest twitch on the altimeter. A typical turn is around 15 degrees, and a steep one might be A sharp climb is about 20 degrees nose-up, and even a rapid descent is usually no more severe than five — yes, five — degrees nose-down.

I wish that I could take you into a cockpit and demonstrate. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.

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Thank you! Wonderful and smooth flight. The pilots were the best.

Greek Myth - Flying High and Its Dangers (Daedalus and Icarus)

Thank you Magellan for an amazing flight into Anguilla!!!! We loved the complimentary upgrade to the Citation X! The aircraft was pristine. The flight crew were friendly, warm, personal and professional. You can tell they love their job and the people they both work for and work with. This was an awesome experience.

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Beautiful aircraft. Wonderful crew and good catering. Thank you for the upgrade! Great work on behalf of your whole team. We needed to get our 88 yr old mom to PA. Your personnel were outstanding!


This is where companies either soar or crash Magellan was flying high. Thanks so much. You must be one of the best flight teams in the industry.

Keep up the great work! According to a study by Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, "While flying domestically in the US used to be much more energy intensive than driving, that is no longer the case. Driving has become less efficient than flying due to the number of people that can be transported per flight, which in turn reduces carbon emissions per passenger mile.

Before flying became commercialized, human waste was thrown out of airplanes, without warning to the world below. Today, that's not the case , according to Reader's Digest. When you flush a toilet on a plane, the waste is sucked out of the bowl and into a sealed storage unit in the back of the plane.

Once the plane lands, the waste gets siphoned out and eventually is discarded into the ground sewage system. Whether you're flying or not, it makes no difference to your blood-alcohol content. Flying at higher altitudes makes you feel the same way as if you're in a place with high altitude such as Denver and it's this altitude that makes people think they're getting more intoxicated while throwing back drinks in flight. The fact is that higher altitude doesn't make alcohol more potent , according to The New York Times.

Adam Savage of "Mythbusters" debunked this myth for us. Chances are you won't get stuck on a plane toilet if you flush while sitting down. The only way there might be an issue is if your bottom is able to form a perfect seal on the vacuum toilet, which is highly unlikely you do … unless you try. Chelsea Davis.

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Snapchat icon A ghost. Plane doors can be opened during a flight.

Planes basically fly themselves. Airlines increase prices if you keep searching the same flight.

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