Poverty and Human Rights: Sens Capability Perspective Explored

Shades of dignity: Exploring the demands of equality in applying human rights frameworks to health
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To that extent, there is some degree of relativity in this conception of poverty. Martha Nussbaum, by contrast, argues that it is possible to identify, from the basic principles of moral and political philosophy, the full set of capabilities that should qualify as basic — for policy purposes — from any community's point of view.

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Advanced search. Journal homepage. Pages Published online: 17 Aug Additional information Acknowledgements The author wishes to express his deep gratitude as well as indebtedness to Paul Hunt, Manfred Nowak and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for helping to shape his ideas expressed in this paper through several years of collaborative work. Article Metrics Views. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles. People also read Article. The present version was corrected after the insightful comments of Maria Juarez, Andrew Hudson and Eitan Felner, to whom I would also like to thank.

Especial thanks to Gabriel Pereira, for his support and encouragement and for being a constant inspiration and to my colleagues from ANDHES, who teach me every day the value of human rights militancy with commitment and professionalism. As it is usually said, all the views expressed are my exclusive responsibility. Please send comments to fernandadozcosta hotmail. Oxford University Press, , p. What Future for Economic and Social Rights?.

Political Studies Association, Sheffield v. XLIII, p. Oxford, Oxford University Press, , p. A coherent Approach to Human Rights. Human Rights Quarterly, Baltimore, Maryland v. Vienna Declaration and Programmed of Action U. Cited in Vizard, supra note 2, FN A second attempt n the UN was made by the UN Commission on Human Rights who appointed an independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty. The position was originally held by Ms. Lizin Belgium , from April to July Since is held by Mr. This new expert produced two interesting and much more sophisticated reports, which also tried to fill the conceptual gap.

After their preparation, three experts -Professors Paul Hunt, Manfred Nowak and Siddiq Osmani- prepared a discussion paper that identified some of the key conceptual and practical issues which arise from the application of human rights principles to poverty reduction strategies HUNT, P. The project is aimed at developing the conceptual framework for the consideration of poverty as a human right violation a compilation of main papers discussed on that project were published: POGGE, T.

Freedom from poverty as a human right — Who owes what to the very poor?. Oxford, Oxford University Press, Mainstreaming human rights refers to the concept of enhancing the human rights programme and integrating it into the broad range of United Nations activities, also in the areas of development and humanitarian action. Poverty eradication and human rights.

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It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. Ibid, pp. German Historical Institute Bulletin — Evans, et al. For market liberalism, in contrast, the exclusion of women from labour markets is a denial of greater economic opportunities, such as a more creative and dynamic workforce that could lead to higher economic performance. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Paper produced for a philosophy seminar, Sept. Last access on: 18 Nov. In the academic literature, although many scholars discussed the issue, there are two main attempts to overcome this difficulty and to construct a coherent theory of poverty and human rights.

One was made by Thomas Pogge: Pogge, T. Cambridge, Polity Press, The other attempt was made by Vizard, Righting wrongs.

The Economist, London, 16 August Marks, S. Reflections on the Right to Development.

SUR file on the Sixty years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

New Delhi: Sage Publications, , pp. Last access on August Human Rights Quarterly, vol. Report of the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty by Arjun Sengupta. Even within this usual definition of poverty, there are several disagreements in conceptual terms and even greater ones regarding how to measure it; the analysis of which exceeds the scope of this paper. The end of poverty, economic possibilities for our time. New York,The Penguin Press, , p. Poverty and Development into the 21st Century. Oxford University Press, SACHS, , p.

Although the WB poverty line is very well known, both in scholars and popular circles, it was also critiqued.

Poverty and human rights : Sen's capability perspective explored

India: Development and Participation. There are two HPIs, one for developing countries and another one for industrialized ones. They use different standards for measure those three dimensions and the latest includes a fourth dimension: social exclusion. New York: Oxford University Press, , p. In: The Law of Peoples. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, , p. Political Liberalism. New York: Columbia University Press, , ch. Xviii and xx, pp. Commission on human rights.

Capabilities approach

At a conceptual level, the moral discussion about why and how poverty is a human rights violation — as well as a violation of the economic and social rights usually primarily compromised by poverty — is particularly important, because of the rudimentary development of the field, in comparison with the ethical and political justification for civil and political rights. A brief summary of this difficulty and the main answers is discussed on chapter II. Poverty reduction and human rights: a practice note, Las access on August Ibid, p.

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Freedom here is conceived in a broad sense, to encompass both positive and negative freedoms. Inequality Re-examined. Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The nature of States parties obligations. General Comment 3, UN Doc. HUNT, P. Emphasis added. Core Obligations: building a framework for economic, social and cultural rights. Brussels: Intersentia, , p.

Edited by Sylvia Chant

Draft V. Poverty as a violation of Human Rights: Inhumanity or Injustice? In: Freedom from poverty as a human right — Who owes what to the very poor?. Pogge, T. Oxford, Oxford University Press, , page World poverty and human rights: Cosmopolitan responsibilities and reforms. Cambridge: Polity Press, , p. New York: Columbia University Press, However, according to Rawls the component of equality is a political demand, not a moral one, and thus applies only to the nation state NAGEL, T.

The Problem of Global Justice. Philosophy and Public Affairs, v. The Law of Peoples. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, page 37, These revenues then are redistributed to the globally worst-off to ensure that they can meet their own basic needs.

An Introduction to the Human Development and Capability Approach

POGGE, , p. See for example Campbell, , p. His position as UN expert was summarized above.

Concepts, Research, Policy

'Poverty itself is a violation of numerous basic human rights.' (Mary Robinson, former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights)The idea that freedom from poverty is a basic human right that gives rise to. According to Mary Robinson, former United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, 'poverty itself is a violation of numerous basic human rights'.