Rights of Injured Truckers

I’m a trucker and I was injured in a wreck. What are my legal rights?
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In this post, our St.

Louis workers comp attorney will discuss the common risks that truckers face. The Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS notes that truckers who drive heavy tractor-trailers face the highest rate of illnesses and injuries among all occupations.

While the most common are on-road accidents, there are many other hazards that are divided into broad categories. These cause the majority of fatalities in the trucking industry.

Fatalities can be caused in a single vehicle accident, or multiple vehicle accidents. The force of the impact might not always be fatal, however, the impact can cause the truck to swerve and hit, roll down an embankment, and catch fire. Even those trucks parked on the side for repairs could get hit by another smaller vehicle.

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Musculoskeletal disorders often lead to most of the illness and injuries that are caused due to repetitive stress caused by sitting and driving. If a Michigan resident does not register his vehicle, he can be charged with a misdemeanor, and sometimes even precluded from making a claim for No-Fault benefits.


Whether you operate out of Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, South Sioux City or anywhere in Nebraska or Iowa, our workers' compensation law firm is here to protect your rights. You have the backing of the law to help you get the money or wages you are owed. He got the job done for me when no-one else could. The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. A truck driver lawyer who understands both areas of the law can get you all of the benefits you are afforded under the two policies.

If the truck driver is an independent contractor and is not a Michigan resident, but his semi-truck is in the state for a cumulative period of 30 days or more, he is also supposed to register the truck in Michigan. If a vehicle is registered in Michigan, it also must be covered by Michigan No-Fault insurance. Otherwise, the truck driver could be denied important benefits and the right to sue for injuries in the event of a truck crash.

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For any questions you have about your commercial truck insurance in Michigan in regards to a truck accident, call Michigan Auto Law at to speak with a truck driver lawyer, or fill out our contact form for a free lawyer consultation. For more information on how Michigan Auto Law can help you, take a look at the testimonials from other truck accident victims.

In addition, an injured truck driver may also have a tort lawsuit for pain and suffering due to injuries. A new and somewhat disturbing trend that I see as an attorney is more and more trucking companies trying to reclassify truck drivers from employees to independent contractors, in order to avoid paying these truck drivers workers compensation benefits.

Truck Driver Injuries – St. Louis Workers Comp Attorneys

W hether a truck driver is employed by a trucking company or works as an independent contractor can make a difference as to what kind of insurance applies in the event of a crash. There are many independent contractor truck drivers who are not properly insured, and unsure of w hat kind of insurance they have in the first place.

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These companies are also doing this because they are being advised usually incorrectly by their attorneys that this can help to cut-off liability in certain negligence and tort injury claims that can arise in a lawsuit if one of their drivers causes a serious truck wreck that injures or kills someone. This, also, has serious consequences if one of their drivers is in a truck accident and hurts himself or herself and, then, needs insurance coverage.

Important insurance coverage like Uninsured Motorist coverage and Underinsured Motorist coverage that applies to the truck may not apply to cover and protect the driver in some circumstances. This will be factually dependent and is best reviewed with an experienced attorney who understands trucking litigation and the interplay with No Fault, Workers Compensation, and tort injury liability claims.