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It is, after all, in this corporate setting that God dispenses grace through the ordinary means of grace. No man or woman is meant to be an island. Proverbs admonishes us to walk with wise people, for then we become wise.

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Conversely, the companion of fools becomes foolish. I hope you are acquainted with the sweet blessing of Christian friendship.

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God calls us to rebuke, to encourage, to confess our sins, to disciple, and to comfort one another in affliction. As we do that, we change each other. Think about doctrines that became dearer to you in the darkest nights of your soul.

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Think about the lessons you learned in your toughest trials. Much of your suffering is a result of your inner darkness, and the evil in others. As you wait with expectation for your complete sanctification, your sinful nature keeps you bent towards evil, and this often opens a door to suffering.

We live in a decadent world where trouble abounds. God changes us through every struggle and every moment of suffering. Suffering, wise people, truth, and the sovereign work of God must be joined with your willful and constant repentance. You resist sanctification when you are passive and unresponsive to these four factors.

What is Sanctification and Is it Happening to Me?

You are called to be both a hearer and a doer of the Word. If someone gently rebukes you for sin, you ought to choose to repent and change. In the face of suffering, you have the choice to give in to the temptation to mental doom or to find hope in God. These points were drawn from How Does Sanctification Work?

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Justification and sanctification are inseparable gifts of redemption because they flow from the unified work of the triune God and his electing, redeeming, and renewing mercy. Justification and sanctification, like all the benefits of redemption, are gifts of God’s gratuitous. In parts of his essay, McQuilkin describes sanctification as a process of growth that occurs over time in the life of a Christian (2 Cor. , Col. , Eph. ,16, .

In lieu of a comments section, I accept and encourage letters to the editor. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, you can do so here. Toggle navigation. Reviews Latest Reviews By Category. Search for Search. Sponsor Show Your Support. As the corrupt nature denotes spiritual defilement and depravity; sanctification is said by them to be an arbitrary act of God effected by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit to make man holy and sinless.

Hence, sanctification is often a subject surrounded by mystique.

Please consider the following comments relative to biblical sanctification:. In the theological sense, things are sanctified when they are used for the purpose God intends.

A human being is sanctified, therefore, when he or she lives according to God's design and purpose. The Greek word translated 'sanctification' hagiasmos means 'holiness.

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In our human nature, he grew in wisdom, in stature and in his capacity to obey the will of his Father. Does the fact that sanctification is never complete in this life necessarily lead to the doctrine of purgatory, or to that of the continuation of sanctification after death? Scriptural proofs adduced for the doctrine of perfectionism. In actual practice, it is the dawning of this perspective which is the foundation for all practical sanctification. A cursory glance at the biographies or writings of these men under lines the fact that Reformed theology has always placed special emphasis on the subject of sanctification. He is holy in His grace as well as in His righteousness, in His love as well as in His wrath.

God is separate, distinct, other. No human being or thing shares the holiness of God's essential nature. There is one God. Yet Scripture speaks about holy things.

Another word for a holy person is 'saint' hagios , meaning a sanctified one. The opposite of sanctified is 'profane' Lev.

Sanctification of the Spirit

I shall now present biblical sanctification under four subtopics: Set apart for spiritual use, the importance of sanctification, the cost of sanctification, and how one becomes sanctified. Set apart for spiritual service. Some of the mystery often characteristic of sanctification begins to fade when we appreciate the action and effect of sanctification. We read of the tabernacle, the priests, and the priest's clothing being sanctified Ex.

1. We Are Now Sanctified in Christ Jesus

The idea is simply that the tabernacle, Levitical Priesthood, and their clothing were all set apart, set apart for spiritual service. Jeremiah the prophet was said to have been sanctified, even before he was born. That is, Jeremiah was set apart to be used by God Jere.

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God must be set apart in the heart of the Christian, rendered distinct and allowed to spiritually influence. The action of sanctification is captioned in Romans 1, 2. Furthermore, the scriptures enjoin total sanctification. The importance of sanctification. The fact of the necessity of sanctification or consecration is seen in such verses as I Thessalonians 4: 3. The importance of sanctification is also seen in associated words and actions.

It is the act in which Jesus' death or blood is contacted Rom. All three of these acts, washed, sanctified, and justified, are essential to being right with God.