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If you are a true Whovian you should have random Who ephemera strewn about your house. A sonic screwdriver in a drawer, a scarf in with your winter weather gear that is like the one Tom Baker wore By creating this Doctor Who themed Christmas Tree you now have an excuse to pile all these together to add to the overall theme and give the tree and your Christmas a little something extra. Thinking about tree skirts, well, sure you could go that extra mile and buy some Doctor Who fabric online and run up a skirt If you sadly do not have awesome friends, do not worry, the pattern is an easy one and can be found on multiple sites all over the internet.

But, if you are a person like me with an extreme attention to detail, who wants integration between tree skirt and tree, there's an easy thing to do. Make a mini garland with the same yarn as the 4th Doctor's scarf! What I did was pick up the recommended yarn and just knitted an I-cord ie, an idiot cord because it's that easy to make. Instead of having to count stitches, because I had the scarf, every so often I'd hold it up to the scarf to see if I needed to switch colors. It also gave the 4th Doctor a bit of a nod on the tree itself, like I did with 10 and Here's me just playing with the garland, but as you can see, it's like a mini-Tom Baker scarf.

As for those sonic screwdrivers you have laying around And those old skool toys? Have K-9 thwarting a Dalek under the bows of the tree. Pretty spiffy Dalek eh? He's one of the Millennium Daleks from , sadly he recently had an accident and his eye stalk no longer moves. Also, don't forget those adorable little Adipose! They don't want to be left out with their adorable little fang.

This one seems to be strongly in favor of the 10th Doctor And for this coming Christmas I was recently at my local comic book shop and look what I found! This Christmas is going to be even more Doctor Who awesome then last Christmas!

Also, I say Christmas Truly, I wasn't lazy, it was all for Matt Smith. And now for the final unveiling! And here is the final tree! You too Eccleston and Tennant. The tree at night! And a close up at night. I hope you have had as much fun as I have had making this tree. Have a very Whovian holiday season one and all!

Posted by Miss Eliza at AM 1 comments. The obvious fact arises, when making a Doctor Who Christmas Tree is that, well, you can't get around this point, but, there needs to be a Doctor, preferably, all the Doctors. But then my Christmas tree had this Doctor need I mean, look how cute they are in the box. Look at Tom Baker's scarf! How could you not want to own all of them! Plus, they do more characters then just The Doctor, so if I ever wanted more characters from the Whoverse Though two of my friends have been buying those little mystery packs and they have an inordinately large selection of Amy Ponds now and I don't think I could handle that When I opened the box I was happily surprised to see all the mini little sonic screwdrivers, and look, Sylvester McCoy has his umbrella!

Oh, vegetation on Peter Davidson! Yes, I'm a dork and I happily admit it! So how to turn these little guys into ornaments? Well, it's easier then you'd think. First take your little Doctor and an ornament hook. Pop off his head and bend the hook as shown. Place hook over circular plastic spinal column Sounds a bit creepy, but plastic exposed neck area.

Pop head back on and viola!

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Fairacres Publication Women as you are, Mere women, personal and passionate, You give us doating mothers, and chaste wives. For instance, compromise the wheaten bread For rye, the meat for lentils, silk for serge, And sleep on down, if needs, for sleep on straw; But there, end compromise. And keep me happier. The Huron Carol by St. I love your cousin. She, at least, Was not built up, as walls are, brick by brick; Each fancy squared, each feeling ranged by line, The very heat of burning youth applied To indurate forms and systems!

Doctor ornament. Repeat 10 more times. Then hang them in your tree. They provide a nice color pop, especially Colin Baker with his ludicrous outfit. Also, it becomes a game when your friends come over Oh, I do hope they come out with a 12th this year so I'm ready for this years Christmas special! But when Penelope is asked by the Swanburne board of trustees to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students, so the board can judge the true worth of a Swanburne education, the future of her school—and of her job as governess to the Incorrigibles—hangs in the balance.

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Signature quirky black-and-white illustrations add to the appeal of these books. When a young woman is found dead in the pews of St. Yet the city police take over the investigation, and the PCU is given an even more baffling and bewitching assignment. Called into headquarters by Oskar Kasavian, the head of Home Office security, Bryant and May are shocked to hear that their longtime adversary now desperately needs their help.

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And as they are drawn into a world of encrypted codes and symbols, concealed rooms and high-society clubs, they must work quickly to catch a killer who lurks even closer than they think. Witty, suspenseful, and ingeniously plotted, The Invisible Code is Christopher Fowler at the very top of his form. I was drawn to this series by their vibrant colors and this just falls flat.

I mean there are aspects I like, but overall, meh. The first question to ask when picking a tree for your Doctor Who Christmas is which color? In my mind you have two choices. Oddly enough it wasn't too hard to find a tree of this color, and a small one at that, for a nice table top tree. Seriously, I think Amazon does have everything you could possibly need. Also, this tree had some interesting fiber optic capabilities So I thought, blue box shooting through outer space to see the stars. Stars would therefore become a theme.

So as for tree illumination, I wanted something faceted that would twinkle like the stars as Wilf looked through his telescope. I picked these LED lights up at target for a song. After tree and lights, the next item on a tree is always the garlands. Next, there's the stars. I mean, seriously, look how cool this is! In fact, the majority of this tree's decorations were found at target for rock bottom prices. This is how the tree looked once the garlands and lights were on. After the foundations were laid because really, lights and garlands are like a Christmas trees foundation garments then the fun really starts!

So, almost all trees have nice circular glass ornaments. They're silver and pretty and make it shine. But, to a Whovian, they have something else to recommend them. Do they happen to look a bit like the bumps on a Dalek? The reason I had to get these and really, you have to really really want something at Jo-Ann's because seriously, the check-out takes forever is because these are perfect TARDIS blue, just like the tree, only with glitter! As for the final touches.

And what did I say aloud, rather embarrassingly, "I wear bow ties now, bow ties are cool. Still looking for cheap items I thought of one thing that reminded me of David Tennant that indeed turned out to be cheap.

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I mean, that's insanely cheap! As for the tree topper A nice big silvery one. So let's look to see how the tree is progressing But where's a Doctor when you need one? I have a love of Christmas. It's not just the presents and the baking and the snow, but the festive air your house has when it's fully kitted out in it's seasonal regalia. When I was little I always thought that after the holidays in January, after the ornaments and garlands were gone, that the house looked barren and sad.

Like the cold bleakness outside had somehow come indoors. But this could be because when I was little we took decorating for Christmas very seriously. I look back and think, how on earth did we have the energy to do THAT much decoration. Firstly, there was the big family tree and then the little kids tree that was just for me and my brother.

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But later themed trees started to make an appearance. These trees were on top of the Dickens Village and other such decorations, like putting an entire pine forest on the top shelves of the kitchen.

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See the Best Books of the Month Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new​. (Fairacres Publications Book ) eBook: Reinhard Körner OCD, Sister Avis Mary No-one has ever found a satisfactory answer to the question of suffering.

Yes, as I say, I don't know how we did it. Watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who is now an institution in my family, the highlight of Christmas as it were. So The Doctor and Christmas are now irrevocably linked and it all ended with the question, how to make Christmas more Whovian?

Therefore, seeing as themed trees are something I grew up with, I thought, wouldn't it be fun to do a Doctor Who Tree? This idea was germinating for about a year or so before I swung into action. But last year I said, to hell with waiting, I want my Doctor Who tree now, dammit! Certain logistics entered into it, like cost. I mean, who has any spare money around the holidays?