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Either that, or at least give a warning after starting up if the -vm parameter is not set. We're excited to receive your application! With GoEuro you can compare and book trains, buses and flights to anywhere in Europe with one simple search, on mobile, app or desktop. Above all else, you are always personally learning and developing, and you have the maturity and technical artistry to make timely and sustainable contributions. Wicks and Elizabeth A.

As the additional icon shows entries like "New Task Hence, I'm pretty sure this is an issue with Mylyn. Still, I'm scared that this bug exists since 1,5 years I start Eclipse by running eclipse. Comment 70 Vincent Freeman EST Well, there's definitely a working workaround because I somehow got it working on my computer I remember having this issue, not the solution though , but I have now tried every method in this ticket, as well as spending several hours searching the web.

You wouldn't think this would matter, since the Java installation copies its own files to the System32 directory. On 64bit Eclipse and Win7 64bit second icon is not "pinnable", and process running eclipse is javaw. What worked for me: 1. Ebooks and Manuals

Edit eclipse. Reboot 5.

Run Eclipse 6. Once Eclipse has fully loaded, right-click on icon in Taskbar and "Pin to taskbar" The reboot is important. I was unable to bring up the "Pin to Taskbar" option when right-clicking the taskbar icon when Eclipse was running. After the reboot, everything was golden. The default method of Eclipse by just starting a second process of javaw.

Using the jvm. At the moment for using the jvm. Every time the path changes you have to adapt that.

Conclusion: The best way would be to change Eclipse. That code my be reused for Eclipse launcher. In the end one could use eclipse. That would provide a permanent solution of this nasty problem. Then I have to start it again, and it works fine. This happens on Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the standard jdk and on jrockit. Crash report from Windows: Source eclipse.

Add the following at the top of your eclipse. Right click on eclipse. Run Eclipse. Wait until the workspace is loaded. Pin to the taskbar. Close Eclipse. Removed compatibility settings from eclipse. Unpin from taskbar and pin again. Now it runs without duplicating its icon. It causes Eclipse to crash after switching the workspace or installing updates and restarting it : Comment 84 Vladimir Nicolici EST The bug id for the crashes on restart is You might want to vote for that too if you voted for this.

Also confirm that the workaround posted by Shawn Minto at EDT works for me thanks. Run it and pin it, it uses the correct icon and the shortcut to new tasks in the icon work too.

Start-Stop work fine. I guess the additional icon-problem might be due to link-issue not properly resolved - but only as a GUESS. OS from plugin org. The remaining open issues are at least: 1 The function has to be called before any UI is shown at all, that presumably includes the splash screen. Where is that created? And what is eclipse. Then there's a couple of cases: case 1, workspace not chosen: not a problem, use a random number in its place.

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Either the check needs to be duplicated where the splash screen is created or moved to there. How does one build and test eclipse. It would've been weird for such win32 API method to be included and then not used anywhere, wouldn't it be? And it turns out it is called. The rest of the bug is all about Windows doing exactly what Eclipse asks it to do. The call was introduced to support jump lists in Windows 7, but the support for them was never polished and finished.

See bug comment 9 for a starting point if you want to dig into the history. Eclipse's default isn't any better. It's no wonder every Eclipse installation gets lumped together! One more thing. Shortcuts created in Explorer don't have that. They are part of the user's files, not the application's, I guess. Calling SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID with something else than what was in the shortcut changes the grouping and explains why the splash screen groups correctly with the taskbar icon but the workbench doesn't, no matter what.


Knowing this, the only sane call that one can make without further information is calling Display. Armed with this knowledge it's now possible to devise a workaround: 1 Edit the plugin.


The correct file to edit varies: eclipse-SDK Only once the workspace is open select "Pin this program to taskbar" from the taskbar icon. I now have 4 separate installations - each with its own icon - as a proof-of-concept and test. I've noticed that changing the properties of the shortcut once it's been created seems to break the grouping, but pinning it again carries over the changes from the old icon. Solution: 1. Make a shortcut to eclipse.

Use the shortcut to start Eclipse. Once Eclipse is running not just the splash , right-click and pin.

tfs team build architektur und installation shortcuts 69 german edition Manual

Hi, does your solution work if you create a copy of your Eclipse folder and pin and run both at the same time? Can this be marked as a duplicate then? Not exactly. Both may need a resolution to fix this bug, depending on which one goes first and in what manner. It "works" only as long as you never have another copy of Eclipse like a new version, perhaps on your computer. Display ; org. Shell display ; shell.

When I add the -VM flag to either the shortcut or eclipse. I renamed all previous Eclipse-related directories except those in AppData so that it would be starting fresh or so I had hoped. Worked for me with Kepler, Windows 8. Hello guys, this is my first post and English is not my native language, please be lenient.

Dear Timo I edited my eclipse. I think that you are explaining why is that happening in your post, but I honestly don't understand much. Though I edited the appropriate plugin. The good news is that I fixed it and I found a way to name my shortcut without getting it duplicated. Good luck! Unpin eclipse from the taskbar 2.