towards the unMaking of Heaven, Happiness: a Planet

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The Boldness of Color.

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There it was, The spark that which ignited the gas, Why does this always? I felt despair from the cotton comfort,. Everything was fine Until that cold body went To that chilling grave. I used to watch flowers in the early Spring bloom, unfurling the curl of their petals in a yawn. Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew.

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Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew. Edible Arrangements. Endless ocean of stolen tears Only the waves know your fears Crashes and ashes and waterfall gears Irrelevance fades as you soak up the beer. Oh Lover-Boy, Come to me in my dreams and then by day I shall be well again, For so the night will more than pay, The hopeless longings of the day, My Black Stallion riding so high,.

Growing up Small. I grew up small in a Connecticut town, where everyone knew everyone else, and I knew them too. I was blue eyes, blonde braids,. The last funeral of society.

Homelessness on lock. May Lissom - Thin, supple, and graceful. I Go Back. I go back to my first school. Heavy gates at the front squeaking. White brick walls in desperate need of cleaning. Little classrooms, filled with little desks. Playground covered with laughing kids. Only Because We Love You. I hold my breath in the calamitous steam, and smoke Every pan was burning, and my throat starts to choke A dumbshow of absolute horror, and wonder.

A Change in Middle school. The story begins at my school. I began to sound like a fool. My voice started to crack; I heard a loud quack, Why is puberty so darn cruel. Self Realization. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her. Mental Change. My mental change is what's next.

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A Note To Myself. You were a wanderer, curious of all the wonders of the world. As you take steps, one after another, have you noticed it? You were traveling for ages, have you not saw it? Rusty Trumpet. With a disappointed glare at the floor, A musician came to confess.

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Just another one of his many mistakes. A rusty trumpet sits idle in his hand, It wheezes desiring one last song;. Leaving the Nest. So there i was, out on my own, away from my parents, not even a phone.

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There can be no doubt that the intellectual climates of Germany and the United States are widely different. You are simply wrong to say that time cannot exist outside of our universe. I will tell you what I heard them say, and what, if they had only speech, they would fain be saying, judging from what they then said. Second, philosophical arguments like the kalam cosmological argument are evidence for an immaterial mind having a causal relationship and causal influence on the material world. Observe how very quick the child's eye is to perceive the meaning of looks, voices, and motions. Delivery Delivery Options All delivery times quoted are the average, and cannot be guaranteed. A home, and no children,—it is like a lantern, and no candle; a garden, and no flowers; a vine, and no grapes; a brook, and no water gurgling and gushing in its channels.

Independence, and autonomy, were just a few gains. I had paved a new path, my own lane. May 6: Reverberate - Of a loud noise be repeated several times as an echo. The magnificent rocks. My fingers trace the vinly table tops Eyes peeking out over the tops of too big glasses Sitting in a too big room The teacher keeps talking. Everything Is New. Where are the pleasant disruptions? The ground shaking thumping of footsteps upstairs The harsh noise of fighting cats The rhythmic knocking on the door daily. Look at my Mother!

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Look at your Mother! Let set aside what we see physically. Open your mind; deep inside tell me what you see mentally. Is it similarity?

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Reflections on a Hill at Sunset. The phoenix sun combusts- A burning jewel Settling into Its rocky crown. On to the next place she was on to the next mistake another man who promised her the world. As her dreams came crashing to a halt did she wonder what would become of me?

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Growing Older. Swing sets and sand castles All tied as one memory One single drop of rain was All it took to make me smile And now it takes a lifetime To make me crack a grin Maybe I'm too old for games and toys. Stages of Body.

First comes a heart, as pure as streaming waters. Next comes a brain. As sensitive as it seems, it is the enemy of all. Nature's Antitheses. White snowflakes covering the night sky Red poppies in the green meadow Bright pink waterlilies floating in the blue lake Orange wilted leaves scattered on the edges of a gravel road.

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towards the unMaking of Heaven, Happiness: A Planet, is the second novel in a series of five. All five novels can be read and understood independently of the others. towards the unMaking of Heaven, Happiness: A Planet, is the second novel in a series of five. All five novels can be read and understood independently of the.

Words of the wind A phantom life Did he ever actually exist? I cannot recall his face His passing is engraved in my memory though. One sad Wednesday Of a certain year. The World in My Head. I used to dream in the world in my head, let my imagination take flight as the buildings went by.

I could dream up wild elephants from Africa, or starships from space. No longer a kid. Mirrors and Galaxies Are the Same. Mirrors, They reflect.

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They reflect on the natural appearance of being human, being real, Of being alive, of being loved. Here I am.