Trail Ways, Path Wise: A 2,147-Mile Through-Hike Up the Appalachian Trail

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Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. John Illig. Publisher: Elderberry Press OR , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title "The hardest thing about through-hiking the Appalachian Trail is getting to the start.

Review : "John Illig writes of his 2, mile adventure with humor, wisdom and love. Do they believe that the world is an endless, limitless place? Early on, dogs are anxious, untrusting of constant playtime, believing this too good to be true.

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So they start every day with a bathroom break, then a run up to their humans: "Hi! Good morning! Are you awake?

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I'm awake! I'm Tobey! It's me! It's Tobey! I'm ready! Are you gonna get up?

Are we going to go? Are you ready to go? Soon they know what's in store. But do they think it will end? They say that it's hard for a human to adjust back to life after the trail; I can only imagine what the heartache is like for a dog. Tram House Press. Kindle Edition.

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That is worth the price of admission! This was my first of three hiking books by John Illig. It also is the book that focuses the most on the actual act of hiking. He begins the AT loaded down with an incredible assortment of heavy items but soon learns the law of the trail and churns about huge miles on an almost daily basis. He isn't as obsessed with finding hiking partners and getting to trail towns as are the writers of many of the AT narratives that I have read. He also shows real determination for overcoming a bout of lyme disease and still finishing the trail.

The only annoying aspect of this book was his obsession with getting letters form a girlfriend referred to only as the Y, and he gets quite upset when he doesn't get that anticipated letter a few times in the book. Overall, an interesting book that should compel the reader to check out Illig's two sequels about his hikes on the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails.

Operation Northbound. Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 2018

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I have to agree with some of other reviewers, the author of this account is a little over the top. I am not sure why someone would want to walk over a thousand miles in the woods of Southern Appalachia if they were bothered by even minor references to God and Christianity, the eating of meat, and even the telling of "Yankee" jokes. The trail is not just for vegan super athletes and hippies, but for everyone who wants to use it. Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the trail can tell you hikers such as the author here are thankfully a very small minority of actual trail users I read three of John's books about hiking.

He did them all. He is determined to peel the layers of the onion through pushing himself. These hikes are intense. The CDT turned out to be his hardest hike. Through his tales I was able to see him bare his soul, uncover his weaknesses, reveal his emotional self, and work through his life challenges, one by one.

I saw that his honesty as he struggled with going off of meds during these hikes was very enlightening to me. I love it when authors are raw. This is a wide open, honest story worth reading. My fast take on them. First I'm going to start of by saying that I wish I could give this 4.

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This is the second book in the series I had read. It's a fun book. It makes me wish I had time for a through-hike of my own. The easy stuff had been ruled out in January. And he was too grumpy for me to give much treatment to, anyway. Amanda came later that day and really helped me. Again, another clue that I had a big problem. Baxter tried to bite Amanda when she tried to put his leash on his harness. She saw that Gusty needed to be removed from Baxter and told me to talk to the vet and see what they said. I should have been talking to my vet all along. I had talked to my previous vet about the behavior and they suggested a trainer but after that, I somehow normalized what Baxter was doing and he was always cooperative at the vet so we never had that conversation.

Nothing to steal at the vet! I thought I had it under control.

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Pickup not available. Get A Copy. There, he dutifully produced ambitious, unworkable proposals that were read with amused tolerance and promptly binned. But we enjoyed a nice dinner of Ramen and soups one round of lentil and one of white bean soup , as well as the company of three females! He said nothing but rose to go for a pee, and out of the side of his mouth as he passed me he rendered a certain convenient expletive as three low, dismayed syllables, like the call of a freight train in the night. We had a view towards the beginning of the day, and some rocks towards the end, but otherwise it was really quite boring. They often stay with us in New Jersey on their way from Maryland to Maine and we think we are all going to be living in Brunswick in a few years when we retire.

Instead, he had me under control. I made him make his own way up the RV steps. I was also afraid of calling Joshua. Baxter was really his dog and I was afraid that he, too, would try to talk me out of putting him to sleep. I also felt like I had failed Joshua; but when I called, he was totally understanding, perhaps in part because his wife, Morgan, had been afraid of Baxter since she met him.

I had done the best I could with Baxter and had probably kept him around and kept us all safe for longer than many people would have. It was terrible to look at his cute face and know what was coming. Having to make the decision was worse than losing him.

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It was awful but I became increasingly convinced there was no choice. Also over this time, several more people told me that Baxter had bitten them or nearly bitten them over the last year. As soon as I got to New Jersey, I called the vet and was surprised at their response. He was randomly unhappy and I was scared. We had been moving in this direction for a long time and this was just the breaking point, not new behavior. Did I have to carry him around in his cage, gingerly taking him out to eat and go to the bathroom for another week?

Too scared to pet him or hold him?

Trail Ways, Path Wise : A 2,Mile Through-Hike Up the Appalachian Trail -

I did. It was awful and it was good. It was too hot to stay in the RV at the Soleys and he barked for three hours when I moved his cage into their house. So I packed up and went to our house, which is full of staging furniture, and spent the week. Baxter was totally content in his cage in the sunroom. I had to pack up the cage into the car and leave a couple times when the house was being shown or there was an open house, but mostly he just stayed in his cage. When Robby and Meredith came, my friend Lucille provided blow up mattresses. I was afraid to pick him up. I continued to feed him and walk him around the yard.

I would occasionally give him a treat and pet his head. I realized that the doggy I liked to hold and play tug with had disappeared a while ago and that this was no life for either of us. Meredith let him sit on her lap and gave him a little tummy rub but none of us could love him the way we wanted to. However, he still looked at us and wagged his little tail and my heart was broken. I hate losing. I hate giving up. I kept Tad, our frog, alive for 13 years and even did cardiac massage on him.

The hikers really needed to be back on the trail. The vet and nurse were wonderful. They gave Baxter a sedative first and for the first time in a long time, I was able to hold him and cuddle him.