Unfreezing Moves: Following Jesus Into the Mission Field

Unfreezing Moves
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Usually this change is from a traditional, style and format, to a worship style more indigenous to the present culture. So decide now to rely on God for guidance and strength.

Unfreezing Moves - Following Jesus Into the Mission Field (Electronic book text)

Unfreezing Moves: Following Jesus into the Mission Field [Bill Easum] on risrewiraref.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prepares Christian congregations. Prepares Christian congregations to fulfill their basic function - to make disciples who make disciples for Jesus Christ. This book is about helping "stuck" and.

Most people hate change and will do anything to avoid it — even allowing their church to die. So you have to be strong and, once you make a decision, never blink. The way you spend your time is one of the critical pieces of turnaround. When coaching turnaround pastors I use the following formula: If your church is under in worship, spend 80 percent of your time attempting to reach the unchurched; if in worship, spend 60 percent of your time with unchurched people; if over , hire a person who is good with people to work full time doing those things that will lead to more new people.

Pastors have to move out of a shepherding role into the role of a transformer to lead a turn around. Keep in mind two things: you need allies to pull this off and not everyone is your ally. Remember, not everyone in your church wants you church to change enough to thrive.

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Your goal here is to develop a cadre of spiritual leaders who understand the seriousness of the situation and are willing to assist and defend you and the turnaround no matter what. Turnaround begins not only with you changing but also with your top leadership changing. The more discipled your leaders are the more willing they will be to do their part in the turnaround. Our churches have far too many church members who love their church the way it is.

UnFreezing Moves : Following Jesus into the Mission Field by William M. Easum (2002, Paperback)

What is needed for turnaround to happen is a growing group of people who see the need and are willing to pay the price. Turnaround is not for the faint of heart. My first Sunday morning, at my last turnaround, I preached from Acts and laid out my vision for the future. At the end of the service I invited all nineteen of those present to join me that evening at my home to discuss the vision.

That night twelve people showed up.

It was a rag tag group but they agreed to meet with me every Friday night and pray and strategize about a strategy to make the vision a reality. We met for eight months. At the end of the eight months I had twelve people who not only saw the vision but also were willing to live into that vision. A year later we had over people in worship and the turnaround began. For turnaround coaching you can contact me at easum effectivechurch.

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Twitter Facebook Instagram. Some of the horror stories of the aggressive nature of this people group causes church members to fear putting themselves out there. We must be reminded again and again of Acts , where even the threat of death could not stop the earlier followers from speaking of Christ.


The promises that we have through out the scripture is that it is not our strength but His. You might be planting, you might be watering… there should be no pressure to seal the deal.

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We ourselves can often have the reputation of being too aggressive in these conversations. Sometimes these skeptics are put there to help us and not the other way around. When I was first reading through scripture and discovering things for the first time, I had a friend who was going through a rough time and was frankly headed in the opposite direction, reading a lot of the popular atheist authors of the time, but also reading the scriptures in a highly cynical and critical way.

As far as I can tell, he is no closer to the Lord today than when our journeys first started, but God used that relationship to grow me much quicker than I would have otherwise. In the end all of this should drive us back into the scriptures to learn more of the God which we serve. If people are afraid of looking dumb, maybe God wants them to look dumb, so that they find the drive to be less so. Thank you for this article, Dr.

Rainer, and for the way you are calling us to reach our world with the Gospel today! I too sense that the overall church has become less evangelistic for the reasons you have stated above. However, I am very optimistic that God is calling us to revival. I think, in many ways, we have been deluded from worshiping Jesus to worshiping ourselves in many cases. Even though we may know Jesus personally, we are spending a lot of time worshiping ourselves and our earthly lifestyle. I sense a growing hunger for revival here at our church in Southern Illinois, and among you and all our leaders.

God is calling us to experience revival, restoration, and to be a part of a great soul harvest among all nations. This will happen if we will set aside our carnal hunger to get, get, get, and allow God to use us to accomplish His work and to experience true fulfillment in our walk with Him. I agree with every reason listed here. Also, many churches have abandoned the tried-and-true method of harvest crusades and revival meetings. We need to consider discipleship classes in the classroom and evangelism in the sanctuary or gather other churches to join in a community evangelistic outreach.

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Revival in the church is NOT a rah-rah session where people get their emotions manipulated by an itinerant preacher. Revival happens when true Bible believing, born again followers of Jesus Christ get the courage to go out on the streets and share the Gospel to the lost. When the Holy Spirit converts someone and they repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ, then bring them into the church for a lengthy discipleship program.

You want revival in the church? Go and make disciples. Try connecting these people into a lengthy discipleship program that last at least a year. If they stick to it, great. If they will commit to that kind of training before they are made members of the church, you will know who the church can commit to as well.

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But be forewarned. Jesus was all that mattered. In the past, sex was only for procreation, sex during menstruation was a mortal sin, sex during pregnancy was forbidden and sexual intercourse had only one licit position. The best recommendation for free market capitalism I can think of. In fact, this social doctrine reflects three levels of theological-moral teaching: the foundational level of motivations; the directive level of norms for life in society; the deliberative level of consciences, called to mediate objective and general norms in concrete and particular social situations. It is to all people — in the name of mankind, of human dignity which is one and unique, and of humanity's care and promotion of society — to everyone in the name of the one God, Creator and ultimate end of man, that the Church's social doctrine is addressed[]. For example, the worship leader may decide these four are Singers, Instruments, Logistics, and Visuals.

Number 11 and 13 are together. When we become a disciple and then disciple. It will solve the others. What we need to do is go back too the old time way of revival preaching that goes for the jugial and forces them to decide right then heaven or hell!! We will not love the things of God if we belong still to the world. Perhaps rather than looking for ways to improve evangelism, we should pray for an awakening within our churches first.

When this happens, evangelism must increase. Thanks as always Thom! Managing the wind and waves once in Saginaw Bay I had navigated for safety of the break-wall of the harbor while sailing in a freshening breeze. I noticed two heads thats all I could see floating in the channel and reported swimmers on Channel 16 emergency frequency to warn other vessels of this safety concern. I was requested to search for them which required to leave the safety of the harbor and go back out through the long restricted channel into the open waters with the building waves.

Thankfully she and her companion were able to later return their rental kayaks. But today is a new day, a different day, and it is a storming. Father forgive my inattention to those that are perishing without Jesus as I sit in the safety of the harbor. My solution: Personally get involved in evangelism. I realized that I have to stop getting on my soapbox and start sharing my faith. I have intentionally started creating a climate of evangelism.

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Some see it and want in, others want nothing to do with it. My choice? Take those who get it and are moved by God and get busy sharing, caring, and reaching. I cannot force others to be witnesses, BUT I can disciple those who do! I encourage all of our members to share, care, and reach. I leave God to call the laborers into His field. I simply work in the field with those who show up! Ultimately, I have taken responsibility for my lack of leadership in evangelism and am changing with the help of God. I believe this sounds like a solution!

WE have to find ways to preach the gospel in public, we are under a Great Commission! We even tried our local council but no one intervened. Our house is a Pigsty and unrecognisable and still no one bothered to help us! I just wanted to know how you and you son are doing right now? I know I am not able to physically help. But knowing you were helped and fine will give me joy. Kindly let me know. A lot of Christians have misconceptions about what evangelism entails. These misconceptions act as a major inhibitor to evangelism.

The participants in my small group which includes university students as well as middle-aged couples and one older guy—myself—report that for them social anxiety is a major obstacle to meeting people, investing in relationships, and eventually sharing their faith with their new friends. For myself the biggest hurdle to being evangelistic is that most of the people I know go to church. I am retired so I no longer meet people through my work.

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