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The history of the band has been marked by many lineup changes, with Vollmer being the sole constant member and only remaining member of the original lineup. Although Hackman was killed in a tour bus accident in , the surviving members of the s lineup reunited in for an album and have continued to tour since Watson died in Their most recent studio album is Old School Helix were formed in for a battle of the bands contest in Kitchener , Ontario, Canada by drummer Bruce Arnold. They were originally a six-piece, consisting of Arnold, lead vocalist Brian Vollmer , guitarists Ron Watson and Rick "Minstrel" Trembley, keyboardist Don Simmons, and bassist Keith "Bert" Zurbrigg, who always wore his trademark tuxedo on stage.

Soon after, Helix scored some crucial shows as Del Shannon 's backing band on some Canadian dates. However, the original lineup dissolved by , and three new members entered the fold. Brian Doerner only stayed four years, but returned as a member and a guest several times before joining Saga in Michael J.

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Fox auditioned to replace bassist Keith Zurbrigg but the job ultimately went to Mike Uzelac. Changing their image from that of a standard bar band to a more image-conscious metal band, Helix finally signed to Capitol Records after being rejected by them three times. This album featured Canadian hit video "Heavy Metal Love", which featured their new look. Under Seip's advice, Helix dropped their T-shirts and jeans in favour of leather clothing in order to stay current. The tour for this album cycle was not without drama.

Mike Uzelac, whose drug use had become problematic, left the band to be replaced by a bass player named Peter Guy from London, Ontario. Guy was unable to travel to the United States due to a previous drug conviction, and Uzelac came back to finish the tour. When Uzelac had fulfilled his commitment, Mark Rector of Kitchener was hired on bass. He was let go at the conclusion of the tour. It sold over , copies in Canada, and over , internationally. Two versions were created: an uncensored version featuring semi-nude and topless women, and a censored version made available for the more mainstream media markets like MTV.

The ending of both versions of the video feature comedian Rip Taylor seated on a motorcycle surrounded by the band and the models all waving goodbye. It caused some controversy several years after its initial release when it was learned that among the cast of porn stars that appear topless in the uncensored version was a then-unknown year-old Traci Lords as "Miss Georgia".

This version was also featured in a pornographic video titled Electric Blue The album allowed the band to tour Sweden, becoming the first Canadian rock band to do an extensive Swedish tour. The result was a No. Long Way to Heaven was followed by the release of Wild in the Streets in , featuring the title track and a cover of " Dream On " by Nazareth. Leppard also recorded their own version of "She's Too Tough" and released it as a B-side and on their album Retro Active.

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The recording of Wild in the Streets , done in England with producer Mike Stone , was plagued by extensive takes and remixes. Capitol released the first Helix compilation album Over 60 minutes with At the end of the decade, Brent Doerner quit the band, tired of the grind of touring. Helix was left as a four piece. Helix began the s with Back for Another Taste , which Doerner contributed songwriting and guitar parts to.

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On tour, Helix brought in their first American member, Denny Balicky. As a touring member, Balicky was not featured in any of their music videos, but he did make significant appearances in the MuchMusic hourlong special Walzing With Helix , which documented Helix's European tour with Sacred Reich and Ian Gillan. After this tour, Vollmer and Hackman began writing songs with the intention of Hackman's material being used for the next Helix release, and Vollmer's going towards a solo album.

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Helix toured sporadically during this time, including a special reunion show in Kitchener featuring Keith Zurbrigg and the Doerner brothers. It was during this tour when disaster struck. On July 5, , Paul Hackman , not wearing a seatbelt, was killed when the group's van rolled down a foot embankment after a concert in Vancouver. Vollmer took the songs he had recorded for his solo album, and released them as the next Helix record, It's a Business Doing Pleasure released on Aquarius in , their Capitol contract now finished.

I am glad my coworkers already consider me a little crazy, because I was cracking up like an inbread hyena reading this. Good job Spazzy McGee, you do us proud.

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And apparently there's no defending my taste in books, as I actually enjoyed Outlander way back in the day when I read it. And I enjoyed the Anita Blake books until she started having sex with anything and everything that possessed a penis and as I understand it, now she's doing chicks, too But yeah, this is why I don't read historical romance anymore I did, in high school , because I spend more time seeing red over the ridiculous shit these authors try to pass off as "history".

They actually made her chieftain of a clan?!?! Excuse me while I go twitch in a corner. Posted by: lizzieborden at November 3, PM. And the piece de resistance is the deflowering scene. Heroine must fight madly against it, but Hero knows that "no" really means "fight harder" and in the end she is quivering with anticipation and her loins are on fire blah blah. The sex is fabulous and the live happily ever after. How much do you think I could make? Enough to quit my day job? Enough to pay off my mortgage?

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Posted by: Pea at November 3, PM. I read most of Outlander once, on the recommendation of a friend, and for the first three-quarters of it kept thinking, "Ok, it's going to get good I gave up. I thought that's what she was reviewing at first.

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Then I thought, "Who decided it would be a good idea to rewrite Outlander? When I was in high school, I would find the raunchiest romance novels I could, and skip right to the sex scenes.

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I discovered that Lace was actually pretty good when I read the whole thing a few years ago, and the sex scenes were still hot. To rip off Clueless , searching for historical accuracy in a romance novel is like looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. When I was in sixth grade I found a romance novel that belonged to my step-mother. I read it cover to cover and was even stupid enough to take it to school where my social studies teacher confiscated it.

Of course as a 12 year old I was fascinated and didn't understand half of what was going on. Can you imagine how fucked up I was because I thought that was how sex was going to be?! I'm actually still recovering from it. Holy shit, you guys. This is the first time a person from my fleshlife has played in this here sandbox! Everyone should give Morgagod a word of thanks, because she is the reason I found this book to review.

Also, one time in the middle of the night about two years ago when I was heavily under the influence, we cooked up a scheme to write a bad romance novel, just to see if it would get published. We decided on Halloween that we're seriously gonna try to do it. Buckle your chin straps, bitches. I enjoyed Outlander too. Although, I gave up part of the way through the fifth fourth? I just couldn't handle it anymore. At least it tried to be historically accurate. Oh, and try the book on CD version of the Anita Blake books.

They cut out most of the sex and Voila! A plot appears!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. USA TODAY bestselling author Lily Graison writes Wicked: Leather and Lace (The Wicked Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Lily Graison. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones​. Reviews "Ms. Graison wrote one heck of a book with funny repartees, sexual Start reading Wicked: Leather and Lace (The Wicked Series Book 2) on your.

Oh maaan this is the best book review of all time! This was fantastic.

I could see your mind disintegrating with rage as the review wore on, what with the caps lock and all, I could almost hear the teeth grinding and 'grr' sounds. Julie, I read that too! Oh that book is sooo embarrassing and long and the sex scenes are so completely uncomfortable and weird I think it's in the second book where she pretends to be the man who raped her husband to And can you believe that there are like six books to that damned series?

Leather and Lace (Wicked, #2) by Lily Graison

Marra, when I was younger I used to look at these books at bookstores and just look for the bits with the sex. Very easy to find, but totally not worth the search most of the time Of course I would hunt you down for this! I was part of the nefarious plot. Who else could you call for this kind of crazy? Remember the part where he won't stop fucking her and then there is some nonsense about her moving past the pain into crazy orgasm land?

How uncomfortable was that to read? I never had the heart to break it to my friend that I hated this book. Blonde Savant , that's the "ride ye I will" scene! My roommate and I would open to a random page, point to a sentence, read it out loud, and roll around in our living room laughing. To be fair I can see why people would enjoy the book-I did read the whole thing, and I'll admit that certain aspects of the plot had me going "Aw FUCK, I have to keep reading to see what happens now. So, the cds are about twenty minutes long then? I mean, if they cut out all the sex?!

I think I read the first few Outlander books, and enjoyed them although apparently I blocked out the parts about the guy being raped I really don't remember that. I know folks who've read every last one, but I just haven't been able to get back into them. But it totally worked, because I couldn't put that shit down.