Zeal and Enthusiasm in the Quran

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Through spiritual power believers overcome every difficulty and continue to strive hard for Allah whatever the conditions and circumstances may be. This book discusses the zeal of believers that continues to increase until the end of their lives.

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Its purpose is to encourage all Muslims to be more zealous by showing how great a blessing zeal is as an attribute which strengthens believers. The reader will understand the important secret that makes one successful even under the most difficult conditions. Furthermore, he will learn of the bounties that have been promised to those who never lose their zeal and who meet difficulties by putting their trust in Allah.

This book encourages people to comply with His directive: "Hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden [i. Excerpt from book: Zeal and excitement are, in fact, intensely experienced feelings with which everyone is familiar. However, the main purpose of dealing with the concept of zeal in this book is to reveal some obvious differences between zeal as experienced in society at large and the zeal the Qur'an communicates to man.

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Zeal, in general terms, is used to express enthusiastic interest and devotion to a cause, and sincere diligence in accomplishing it. Whether important or insignificant, everyone has causes he eagerly embraces throughout his life.

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Enthusiasm often directed toward materialistic benefits, also surfaces when worldly passions are the issue. Some people exert efforts to be rich, to have a brilliant career or a prestigious position, while others try to appear superior or to earn prestige, respect and praise.

For example, everyone is familiar with the determination a high school student shows to pass a college admission test, the enthusiasm of a person hired for a desired position in a company, or the ambition and effort exerted for a business deal which is expected to be profitable. There is one strikingly common feature to all these - enthusiasm produces a distinctive and strong character in a person which would be unlikely to appear in the absence of zeal.

Prophet Muhammad's birthday celebrated in the Islamic Center of Schaumburg with zeal and fervor

Moreover, it wastes your time on useless matters. Finally, we thank you for your enthusiasm and protective zeal for your religion and we ask Allaah The Almighty to grant you success and steadfastness.

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The Efforts of Satan to Break the Enthusiasm of Believers 22 . Zeal, in general terms, is used to express enthusiastic interest and devotion to a cause. ZEAL AND ENTHUSIASM DESCRIBED IN THE QUR'AN. December 24, ZEAL AND ENTHUSIASM DESCRIBED IN THE QUR'AN. Book Author: Harun.

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